Raccoon faceImagine relaxing on your back porch and you suddenly spot a medium-sized creature lumbering through your backyard. Many people will agree — raccoons can be cute, but the damage they are responsible for is absolutely not. If you spot a raccoon on your property, especially during the daytime, don't panic. We can help you get these creatures away from your home and safely away from your family. Residents dealing with raccoon problems in South Houston, give us a call at 281.402.1262 today!

Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can cause mischief in your garden, yard, and home. Some of the most common raccoon problems include:

  • Destruction to your garden, yard, or home due to nesting and food scavaging.
  • Physical damage to floors and walls due to feces and urine accumulation.
  • Diseases and sickness due to direct contact with the raccoon or its waste.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are wild animals, which is why many people find it difficult to disturb them in their natural habitat. However, when raccoons enter your home or are too close for comfort, please do not approach them. Healthy raccoons are not friendly, so if a raccoon seems interactive, it is likely rabid. Rabid raccoons are incredibly dangerous to engage with, so we highly recommend calling a professionally trained raccoon removal specialist. Wildlife X Team® South Houston can safely remove and relocate raccoons as well as repair raccoon damage.

Raccoon Facts

  • Raccoons are gray, omnivorous animals surviving on a diet consisting of insects, plants and small animals such as fish and the occasional bird. Raccoons tend to be nocturnal but it is not uncommon to spot a raccoon during the day.
  • The raccoon originally inhabited densely wooded areas and large forests but today the raccoon has adapted to living in wetter and mountainous habitats. The raccoon has also moved closer to human communities as the raccoons are able to find food very easily but many homeowners consider them to be pests.
  • Raccoons are known for their unique habit of washing their food before eating. The reason for this behavior is unknown, but it is thought that the raccoon's sense of touch is heightened when wet.
  • The front feet of the raccoon are similar to the hands of a human, both in appearance and dexterity, to allow to the raccoon to easily hold onto things.
  • Raccoons have 40 teeth including four sharp canine teeth toward the front.
  • Raccoon kits are born blind and deaf, with both senses appearing in the first month. Baby raccoons are not born hairless but instead have a layer of light-colored fur. The raccoon's distinctive black mask is even visible from birth. Kits are normally around 10 cm long at birth and weigh close to 75 grams.


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